Tree Stump Thingy [Part 001]

tree stump idea

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Sadly, after a few months of trying to nurse it back to health, a beautiful, big, old bay tree in my garden needed to come down. It was dead. However, while most of it ended up on the log burner, the central section of the tree stump had been trained into three fairly equally sized branches which provided the basis for the large circular foliage. When I cut the tree down I was careful not to damage this section as I had some plans for it…

I’m still not entirely sure what those plans are though. I’ve stripped it of its bark – as you can see from the pictures – chiseled down any major lumps or knots, and given it a good sanding. I’ve also waxed it up, but I took these photos before applying the wax. The next step will be to add some sort of small table top or plinth to the top of the inverted stump.

The cracks from where the tree had dried out were unavoidable. But instead of trying to hide them I’ve actually chiseled them out to make them a little more prominent. One of the legs had also suffered from the wrath of my teething puppies some years ago and the bark had been peeled back. You can see how it has partially grown back, but again I think this imperfection actually adds to the natural style.

For these intial photos I put a model boat – I built that too! – on top of the stump, and also a plant. Personally I think it might work well as a stand for some sort of trailing plant. My other idea is to turn it into some sort of giant iPad holder/charger?

Like I said. Still not sure what to do with it.

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