Tree Stump Thingy [Part 001]

tree stump idea

Sadly, after a few months of trying to nurse it back to health, a beautiful, big, old bay tree in my garden needed to come down. It was dead. However, while most of it ended up on the log burner, the central section of the tree stump had been trained into three fairly equally sized branches which provided the basis for the large circular foliage. When I cut the tree down I was careful not to damage this section as I had some plans for it…
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Robot Sculpture [Part 001]

robot head

A short while ago I was given a brand-new electric motor out of a washing machine. Don’t ask why – it’s neither an interesting or a relevant story. Anyway after some umming and ahhing I decided that I had no use for it as an electric motor. I’d tried hooking it up to a car battery, but it being a 240v motor and the car battery only being 12v the results were less than impressive.

So I carefully ripped it apart and was left with the copper coils, magnets, shaft and bearings from the inside, and a rather cool looking aluminium chassis. After some contemplation I decided that this chassis had the beginnings of a robotic skull. And that’s where project robot began.

Using the skull as a starting point I added carefully put together the eyes. One was fairly simple, and comprises of an old flashlight housing with a blue LED in place of the bulb. The other eye was a little more complicated, and is made up from the viewfinder of an old disposable camera, the lens surround from a digital camera, and the white LED is from a broken chain of solar lights.
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